Large Fruit & Veg Box

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Suitable for a family of four for one week.
A large box stuffed with fresh local ‘in season’ fruit and veg. Our boxes contain potatoes, carrots, onions each week and a range of seasonal fruit and veg. We often take new or unusual products from any of our local growers if they have experimented with growing something new.

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4 reviews for Large Fruit & Veg Box

  1. Valentin

    Many thanks for all the delicious veg and fruit you have provided us; good luck for the future!

  2. Sarah Cahill

    We loved the whole box; loved the cooking/red apples!

  3. Francesca Tagliacarne

    It’s been great to feel part of your lovely community, you really do a great job. You don’t just deliver fruit or veg, you also put a great piece of sparkling joy in it… so once the box gets into the house it lights it up, and makes it a nicer home!

  4. Mitch Egan (verified owner)

    Lovely selection, really pleased to see the rhubarb but all the produce is lovely. Thank you for soldiering on in these difficult times!

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