Our Story


Hello and welcome to the farm shop on your doorstep which we call 'A Share of the Crop'.

I'm Kevin McGarry and together with my wife Jo and our children Matthew and Grace we started this family business in 2012.

We believe that food is best when it is local, fresh and seasonal.

We plan to deliver the best selection of these products, sourced in the South East.

As we are based just outside Brighton we are focused on finding suppliers in Sussex. However, in order to provide you with a wider variety of produce we have also found suppliers in Kent, Surrey and Hampshire.

Occasionally during the year, we will also need to source from the rest of the UK and in the winter most fruit is from the warmer parts of Europe but we will not go any further than that. If you are interested in where anything comes from then please do ask when we deliver.

Our heart is to connect the urban city of Brighton & Hove with the surrounding rural areas and our plan is to work with local people so we aim as much as we can to use local suppliers for all our support services as well as our produce.

As part of this we love to create support between the communities represented in this area. Practically we do this by supporting two Brighton charities with a proportion of our profits.  We give at least  5% of our profits to 'Kidz Klub Brighton', who run youth clubs in several areas of Brighton www.kidzklubbrighton.co.uk and at least another 5% to 'Off The Fence', who support marginalised groups in Brighton including vulnerable women and the homeless  www.offthefence.org.uk

We also support another organisation, 'One Church' who have recently started running Rock Farm to provide work and life experience for marginalised people www.onechurchbrighton.org and provide an outlet for their produce through our business, so as you buy from us you will be putting back into your community. Feel free to spend a few moments following the links to our favourite Brighton charities.

We pay our suppliers, the local farmers and tradesmen well for their hard work by giving them a good price for their products. A lot of them are small so we help them by agreeing to take all their produce. This means they can concentrate on what they are good at (growing) without having to worry about getting to the market to sell it.

What's Important To Us

  • Local fresh seasonal food
  • Family business
  • Brighton community
  • Local farmers
  • Environmental and ethical practice

Our environmental policies mean we will try to use at least 95% locally sourced, reusable or recyclable packaging. It also means we have a ‘no food waste’ policy and if there is anything left over at the end of the week it will go to the foodbank or those we know that are less well off.


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