Fruit & Veg Boxes

Ordering and receiving your goods is quick and easy:

Place your order on our website

You will receive a confirmation email

You then receive a text detailing the date of delivery

Your box is then delivered that evening

When & Where


Central Brighton



















We have a few drivers working for us who are all very friendly but the ones you are likely to most see are Kevin - owner and founder of 'A Share of The Crop' and Kelly.

Deliveries are made each day between the hours of 4-8pm. We’re sorry that we can’t be more exact, but once we have delivered to you for the first time then we will be with you roughly the same time each week (or each time you place an order).

If no one is in when we call we will look for a cool, slightly out-of-the-way place to leave the box. If you have somewhere safe and dry you would like us to leave it then please let us know.

If you have requested COD (Cash on Delivery) option then we very much appreciate it if you could have the money ready. If it is the exact money then that is a bonus, but we do carry change.

We like to reuse all of the boxes - veg boxes & egg boxes - as many times as we can before recycling them so please keep them for us. If you know you are going to be out when we come and there is somewhere dry you can leave them for us, we will take them away.

Each week you will get a text (Monday or Tuesday) asking you if you would like your usual veg box (the one you first ordered) that week. You can reply yes or no or you can say yes, but no more potatoes. You will then receive something else in its stead (rather than an alteration in price). Obviously, you can say if you want something different (eg, ‘I would like a large veg box instead’). There are also lots of tasty extras in our food cupboard that you can add in to any of your veg box orders.

What's Important To Us

  • Local fresh seasonal food
  • Family business
  • Brighton community
  • Local farmers
  • Environmental and ethical practice

Our environmental policies mean we will try to use at least 95% locally sourced, reusable or recyclable packaging. It also means we have a ‘no food waste’ policy and if there is anything left over at the end of the week it will go to the foodbank or those we know that are less well off.

It doesn’t matter how frequently you order, there is no obligation to have a box every week. You are free to dip in and out as and when you like. Putting you in control of the frequency helps reduce food wastage.


Fruit & Veg Boxes


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